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Heat Pump Repair in Chateauguay

Many homeowners often think about the heat pump when dealing with a malfunctioning HVAC in Chateauguay, which shouldn’t be the case. The human body needs the heart to function, and the heat pump works similarly to your heating system. Rarely do heat pumps malfunction, but that doesn’t mean they don’t deserve a little TLC. CirTech CVAC is a reputable company dedicated to helping you improve the quality of your indoor air spaces.

When your suspect a problem with your heat pump, it is vital to have a trusted contractor inspect, diagnose, and repair damages before things get out of hand. We advise homeowners to know the signs of deterioration, allowing them to act in time. Early detection can save you money, time, and heartache in the long term. Here are signs your heat-up needs maintenance.
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Old Age

Even the strongest of us experience challenges handling tasks when we get older, and an HVAC in Chateauguay is no exception. The average lifespan of a heat pump is between 10 to 15 years, but this can vary based on several factors like regular maintenance, unit size, and type. Without proper care, your system will likely stop running before the estimated expiry date. We can design a maintenance schedule to ensure your HVAC in Chateauguay gets the attention it deserves.
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Ice on the Coil

If you notice ice forming on the coil of your outdoor unit, this is common and not a significant cause for concern. However, if the ice thickens and your unit is in heat mode, hire a professional as soon as possible. Excessive ice can impede moving parts, preventing efficient airflow in the unit and the overall comfort of your home. Routine inspections detect ice buildup before the damage becomes more pronounced.
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Restricted Airflow

Airflow is vital to a heat pump, as it helps your HVAC keep your home at steady temperatures. As mentioned, ice buildup and other foreign objects can affect the airflow out of the heat pump. A reduction in airflow is a sign you need a professional maintenance inspection to pinpoint the problem. If the issue is not addressed early, you will likely experience less comfort in your rooms. Besides a backed-up airflow, it also allows us to manage other telltale signs of deterioration and recommend long-term solutions.

Strange Noises or Clicking

While it is common for any HVAC in Chateauguay to produce sounds when turned on, when you notice weird noises or clicking, shut off the outdoor fan and thaw it using the heat. This will activate electric heaters in the air handler to prevent the air blown in your house from freezing. After the system defrosts, it will shift back into heat mode, automatically turning on the outdoor fan. If an HVAC in Chateauguay goes into this mode often, we are the go-to repair service.

Contact us at CirTech CVAC and talk to our representatives about our comprehensive HVAC services. We leverage extensive experience and knowledge to guarantee nothing short of excellence.
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