High-Quality Heating Replacement in Pointe-Claire, QC

heating replacement in Point Claire, QC,  can be expensive. That’s why most homeowners leave a malfunctioning HVAC component for quite some time to avoid higher costs. But that won’t help in reality. When you’re looking for quality and competitively priced heat pump or furnace replacement, Cirtech CVAC is here to assist you whatever the problem with your unit. 


When To Consider a Compressor Replacement?

A compressor serves as the heart of a heat pump. It pressurizes the refrigerant and pushes it throughout the heating system. Then, the refrigerant is directed to the reversing valve responsible for sending this chemical compound to the outside coil. 

But a compressor, similar to any other heat pump components, is likely to break down, which is normal. Below are some signs that your compressor needs a  heating replacement in Pointe-Claire, QC

Frequent Maintenance

A common sign of a worn-out heat pump compressor is constant maintenance. If you notice that it’s getting repairs lately, even though your HVAC unit is only a few years old, this could indicate a potential problem. While a compressor replacement is more expensive than a repair, frequent maintenance is a different case.

It Makes Noises 

It’s normal for your heat pump or internal unit to make noise. But if the sound has gotten worse over time, then chances are that your compressor and other heat pump parts are damaged or worn out. Contact the pros for a thorough inspection and replacement parts.

Internal Unit Often Switches Off 

It’s not uncommon for the inside unit of your heat pump to turn off periodically when the cooling mode is not needed. But if it frequently switches off during cooling mode – even when you had set it for continuous operation – this could be another symptom of an old compressor that requires an immediate  heating replacement in Pointe-Claire, QC

Water Leaks 

Some heat pumps are designed with condensate drains to ensure that water doesn’t collect and cause damage if it’s not appropriately drained. However, a build-up of water in the drains can eventually lead to compressor problems or, worse, heat pump failure. So, you should have your condensate drains inspected regularly. 

Too Much Electricity Usage

An old compressor will use more electricity than normal because it’s struggling to function. It’s even possible that the compressor could get so hot and catch fire. Although this is an unwelcome effect, it can also alert you to get a replacement soon because this could put you and your family in great danger. 

Leaking Liquid Lines 

Heat pumps come with drain lines that remove excess water even if the heating system has a freezing temperature. But that does not mean these water lines would operate without any problem.

Don’t leave it unfixed for days, whether it leaks or stops working. Remember that there are companies specializing in  heating replacement in Pointe-Claire, QC,  that you can contact when the need arises. 

Looking for Compressor Replacement? Your Long Search is Over with Cirtech CVAC! 

Is your compressor requiring constant maintenance? Or is there a sudden spike in your monthly utility bills? If yes, there might be a problem with your compressor, and a  heating replacement in Pointe-Claire, QC,  might be necessary. 

For quality compressor replacement, don’t look further than Cirtech CVAC. We have certified technicians and advanced technology to replace your compressor according to your expectations. Call us at 514-631-5883  now! 


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